Here are some samples of the different types of pavers. Please remember that colors and styles may differ from actual product.

CalStone Pavers
Cobble Series
Circle Cobble
Tumbled Cobble

McNear Pavers
Old Country Cobblestone

Install in 5 Easy Steps:

1. Excavate to the proper design depth (see diagram). Remove all surplus unsuitable sub-base material. Compact the area which has been cleared. Then backfill the area with aggregate suitable for base material. The depth of the base should be 3-4 inches for pedestrian sidewalks and patios, 6-8 inches for light vehicular traffic, and 8-12 inches for heavy vehicular and industrial use or as otherwise directed by the Project Engineer, Architect, or Landscape Architect.Compact the base to 95% density.

2. Spread concrete sand evenly over the base and screed to a uniform depth of 1112 inches up to the edge. Note that edge restraints can be of various types, such as concrete, wood, plastic pavement edging, etc. The screeded sand should not be disturbed until the pavers are laid.

3. Install the Old Country Cobblestone pavers in the desired pattern 1/4 inch above final grade. Care should be taken to achieve the desired color distribution, keeping in mind that even solid colors have some variation in color and texture. These pavers should have a snug fit with the integral ribs providing the correct clearance between adjoining stones. Use a fracture tool or saw to neatly cut the paving stones when required.
4. Sweep a fine dry sand over the pavers and into the joints. Vibrate the pavers into the bedding sand with a plate vibrator. This piece of equipment should be capable of 3000 to 5000 lbs. centrifugal compaction force, and operate at a frequency of 80 to 90 hertz. At least two passes with the vibrator should be made across the surface, or until the joints are full.
Note: To help prevent paver scarring from the vibrator plate, maintain a layer of sand between the plate and the paver surface.
5. Sweep off excess sand. The paver surface is now ready for use.

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